Well, that's a pretty good question. Sometimes, especially as a new father, it's hard to find the time/energy to sit down and write songs. Having prompts, deadlines, and encouragement from a community of people all in similar boats is a fun way to stay motivated.

A bunch of songs on a bunch of friends records in the past year have contained songs written from SWCH and I think that's really cool.

What if I don't have a good way to record songs?

The point of the site isn't to upload finished masters (although you can should you get a tune to that point). Upload an easy phone recording (even if a song isn't done). Ask for help (a forthcoming feature), share, collaborate. We're all in it together.

What if I'm not in Los Angeles?

Perhaps in the future we can have different chapters in different cities if it gets big enough, but for now feel free to still participate. I'm looking into live streaming the showcases and maybe there could even be a way for you to play your song online for the group as well. I'm not sure what's possible yet but would love to hear your ideas.

Regardless, you should participate and submit prompts, submit songs, and write write write!

What's with all the site bugs?

So I recently learned Laravel and built this iteration of the site with that framework. Believe it or not this site is surprisingly complicated and I'm sure I missed things. Please feel free to reach with any problems that you may encounter as this is definitely a learning experience for me.